Vídeo: Walking Among Birds ::: Caminando entre pájaros.


I am Victoria Restrepo, painter, photographer and documentalist born in Colombia, South America. I currently live and work in the US, traveling and documenting National and State Parks. I studied Fine Arts in Colombia and photography at the New England School of Photography, in Boston, MA.

The Project “Walking Among Birds”

The idea with my project “Walking Among Birds” (Caminando entre las Aves) is to inspire people to enjoy and protect nature through art, video, and photography. 

The documentary series is a travel journal where in a very intimate and personal way, I capture with my cameras the stories of my trips, highlighting the flora and fauna, and employing birds as a common thread between the different natural regions and countries.

The series is not just a visual collection of images. I want to communicate the emotions and feelings that these places have awakened in me, and I know that the observation and delight produced by the close contact with nature should inspire its conservation.

Covid 19 has changed my travel plans, as well as everybody’s else’s, and I decided to take a solo trip around the US to keep my project alive. My idea is to visit the beautiful places I find on my path, while sharing my experience through my stories, videos and images.

My Biggest Challenge

Since I started my nature documentaries project, being able to create this series without any previous experience was a big challenge. I felt very insecure not only about engaging people in Colombia, but in the whole American Continent. This has been an amazing journey well beyond my wildest dreams.

It’s been two years since I started my project, and today, I can see that people from each and every American country have been touched by the series.

My Biggest Accomplishment

My project was only a dream for many years. I have been a photographer my whole life and I had traveled extensible in Colombia, filming and photographing nature. I had seen the amazing and unique ecosystems we have, but at the same time, I have seen how they have been degraded by trash and indifference.  I knew I had to get people involved, I knew that the only way I could help, was getting them to fell in love with nature. You can only protect what you care about. 

Getting more than 100,000 followers in my social media channels in only two years, has been a huge accomplishment for me, something that I never expected. This is also a big responsibility and I need to keep working hard.

What is Ahead of Me

I know I need to turn “Walking Among Birds” into something that is sustainable in the long term. This has been a very personal project until now. I have been working by myself on every field, since the concept of my posts, photographs, documentaries, the footage, the investigation, the narrative, the edition, finding the music, and doing the promotion. I don’t have any budget and I have been working with my own and limited resources.

​My bird illustrations have turned into a passion for me, and the more I paint, the more I get to know the birds. Many people ask me if they are real, yes! tropical birds are really colorful.

I need your help, this is how you can get involved: 

  • You can help this project to reach a larger audience, follow me in my social media channels, share my posts, and YouTube videos and documentaries. Visit my blogs and websites regularly, you will always find something new.
  • If you or someone you know can help me with resources to support my traveling and keep doing my job, I would really appreciate it.
  • Travel with me to Colombia. (After it is secure and we get Covid under control) I offer my experience and knowledge of many years of traveling through the Country. You don’t only help my project, and the incredible people who had been trained by Audubon’s International Alliances Program, but you will discover one of the most beautiful mega-diverse countries in the world, with the most bird species registered. For each passenger that travels with me, Audubon receives a donation to continue its project of conservation of migratory birds in our continent.